About Us

EDI was initially formed in 1999 as a partnership; this partnership was later consolidated into a Private Limited Company in the year 2002.

In the 5 to 6 years of operation, EDI has expanded under the guidance of Eddy Choong from 2 marketing stwww.allthestuffyoucareabout.com/ http://www.wolhynia.com/aff to 6 and is still expanding. EDI has expanded from a rental office to a 3 storey shop lot that is EDI’s own with a total staff of 13 personnel including the marketing personnel.

The electric flosser has been clinically proven to be safe owww.allthestuffyoucareabout.com/ http://www.wolhynia.com/n all settings. First-time users should start out at the lowest pressure setting then gently increase the pressure to the highest setting that feels comfortable.

EDI has also formed a subsidiary, a service company under the name DEON Tech Sdn. Bhd. to perform the servicing and repairs of the equipment that has been sold. DEON Tech Sdn. Bhd. will also offer service contract to doctors for maintenance of their equipments. DEON Tech Sdn. Bhd. at this moment has four technicians out on the field. This is to complement the marketing done by  EDI Dental Supplies Sdn. Bhd., to provide efficient and swift service and support to our customers, as well as to handle repairs/any technical issue that may arise.

EDI has always emphasis on fast service and high products quality. This has enhanced the company reputation in the market.

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