In the last 3 years, EDI has managed a to capture a significant portion of the dental market share in Malaysia and will be deem to hold on to that market share if not increase it with its aggressive marketing strategy, fast service and quality products.

The water pick for teeth is recommended for children 6+ years of age and is a great tool for kids with braces, especially when they use the Orthodontic Tip. We suggest that you start on a low pressure. And, remember, if the water is on, the tip needs to be in the mouth.

In line of the changes of company’s structure and policy, EDI has expanded under the guidance of Eddy Choong, an excellent communication and interpersonal skills of  our marketing team, we are strongly leverage on relationships with our key regional clients, our market share has increased 80 percent from year 1999 to year 2009.

EDI’s stand whereby the doctors’ are approach as friend’s has endeared them to the doctors. Its’ friendliness approach has been fruitful whereby the company’s name is in good stead in the market. Since year 1999, EDI has expanded its’ business  not only to the  private sector but have expanded itself to the government sector, University, training colleges. Hospitals and the Defence dept.